Working with NYC's Dept of Design & Construction

Ronnette Riley Architects worked in collaboration on the design of an 18,800sf day care center owned by the Agency for Child Development. The center provides classrooms and play areas on four floors for 20 toddlers, 100 children (ages 4 and 5) and 50 after-school children (6-12 years old). A playground for all ages is located on the rooftop.

As the interior design architect for the project, Ronnette Riley Architect involved in programming layout, design and interior finishes and furniture selection.  Study of appropriate equipment for the various ages of children led us to use durable light wood furniture and creative, interactive equipment that develop skills in music, science, reading, writing, drawing, computer and handwork, domestic play and physical activities.  The layout defines the different play areas with a maximum of flexibility. 

A heat sensitive liquid crystal film, DLC, was inserted in the classroom walls. As the children enter the classroom, a brief interaction with the DLC film results in temporary imprints of their hands.

The project was part of a pilot study (pre-LEED) initiated by the City of New York to begin incorporating green design initiatives into civic buildings. The city’s commitment to sustainable design enabled our specification of interior finishes and materials for their environmentally sound benefits. “Green” materials, such as flyash concrete, low VOC paint, bamboo for cabinetry, recycled carpet, rubber, linoleum flooring, acoustical ceiling panels made from wood fiber and biodegradable fabrics were selected. Complete energy modeling was performed on the building to determine the appropriate high-performance building systems to incorporate into the design.