Emerald Planet builds on a conscious break from

images traditionally associated with fast food. This second incarnation, a 2000 sq. ft. “Wrap and Smoothie” parlor with a 225 sq. ft. juice bar near the subway entrance one floor below in Rockefeller Center offers a quality product in an upscale environment.  This “new style” eatery is contemporary and functional.The Rockefeller Center challenge was to incorporate the restaurant on the concourse level, which was under a major renovation. Our work required coordination and integration with the building and building systems. The challenge of all start up businesses is to control the costs of construction and ensure that the project opens on time.Taking advantage of the glass façade of the renovated concourse, the design takes on a transparency that highlights the cooking and prep work that are the trademark of these establishments. The materials, shapes and textiles are dramatically illuminated to set Emerald Planet apart from the fluorescent light of the neighbors.Complimentary natural materials throughout the space create the design vocabulary.  Sage, wheat, olive and ochre painted walls provide “organic” tones for the glass, stainless steel and terrazzo surfaces. These are balanced by natural and aubergine stained cherry wood.  Accents of gunmetal and rebar are used on tabletops, chair legs and the belly guard service bar.Many of the shapes encourage the flow of traffic within the space and by emphasizing sculptural elements.  Visual cohesion is maintained between the zinc meridian strips in the terrazzo floor and the lines of the banquette, service bar and stainless steel counters.  The curve of the service bar is reinforced by curving pendant lights above.  These “gestures” terminate at an angled soffit overhead and a partial wall, which provides a separation for the back work area.