New World Coffee was created to introduce darker

more flavorful coffee to New York City. The design mandate was for our firm to create a store that evokes the warmth and aroma associated with authentic espresso beverages.  Earth tones, stone, and wood were used to establish this atmosphere.  To catch the attention of passersby, a green-gold backdrop was used to generate an inviting warm glow contrasted by cream colored walls and floor and enhanced by the ambient lighting.  By highlighting the back of the space, the entire shop becomes a storefront.The diagonal line was the prime motivator behind the scheme on both the experiential and functional levels. The counter, punctuated by pendant lights along its edge, draws the eye into the space.  It works as a promotional device by inducing a dialogue between passersby and the shop. Rather than facing an interior wall, the diagonal placement of the counter creates a strong visual interaction with its surrounding space that, in turn, invites impromptu or future visits.  At the same time, placing the counter on the hypotenuse maximizes its presentation length and creates a deeper free space for activity in front, thereby avoiding the typical "galley" layout.