RRA and Rockwell Group rehabilitated this residential  

Building on the Upper East Side. One of the main features of the building is the retail plaza on the 3rd Avenue façade, which was reconfigured and opened up by removing four vent towers from the garage below. The ductwork was relocated from below and the grille moved to the far façade making the plaza better utilized. In the lobby a nautical theme of teak slat walls, forms a bench and the concierge desk. A new glass and stainless steel canopy at the residential entry and over the retail stonefronts streamlined the facades. New custom stainless steel and back-lit glass further update the building’s exterior. New stone cladding and frameless stonefronts continue the modernization, accentuating the cast concrete ornamentation on the building’s facades. A new paving pattern and custom stone planters carry the nautical theme throughout the building property. The basement was reconfigured to create a residence center with gym, kids’ play area, meeting rooms, restrooms and pantry. The 28 residential floor corridors were also renovated with new teak veneer doors and metal frames, new stainless steel elevator doors, with teak and nickel insert paneling, new carpet and lighting throughout.