This 1,050sf one-bedroom was transformed

into a sleek, contemporary living space, though several obstacles had to be overcom.  The tight budget of $75,000 and short six-week construction schedule left little room for error.  Dining, relaxing, and entertaining are the highlights of this apartment.  The kitchen, was designed to be efficient, well-organized, and functional as well as being the center of activity.  The entry, living room, and kitchen areas were opened up by removing several walls and unifying the spaces. The use of stainless steel appliances, cool grey Pietra Cardosa limestone and satin metal laminate cabinets, designed in pure geometric forms emphasize the update of the kitchen.A 13’-0” cantilevered counter separates the kitchen from the living area and helps define the overall function of the spaces, while allowing light to flow unobstructed through the space.  The concealed structure of the island was designed to create the illusion that the counter is “floating” off of the existing concrete columns.  The client’s home has become a magnet for visiting family and friends.  She preferred her bed to remain in the corner of the living area in order to reserve the bedroom for her guests.  The bedroom and bath was reconfigured in order to provide for a bathroom en suite.  In the process of redesigning the guest area, the bathroom was enlarged and made more functional and the long corridor reconfigured to be used as a gallery space to display the client’s extensive collection of original artwork and photographs.The powder room was designed using Philippe Starck fixtures, continuing the overall simple, modern aesthetic.  Both the powder room and bathroom were done completely in white, using whimsical accents in color to make the space more vibrant, such as colored acrylic bottle stops which were mounted to the walls for use as robe hooks.  Gaudi door handles, Imagine Tile photo-realistic tiles of river stones and Ingo Maurer Lucellino “flying lightbulb” fixtures were also used in the bathroom to add to the fun, inviting theme that permeates the apartment.