The Flow of this Multi-Purpose Showroom

Fixtures curated as art. Sinks hung like paintings. Water used as the primary medium. Every aspect of the Davis & Warshow showroom is adjustable to meet the needs of the changing products or events, while delightfully embracing the movement of water. Presented without running water, flowing materials are embraced throughout the design.

The first step into the showroom is on a sienna orange rubber mat. This soft flooring insinuates a landlocked waterfall by sliding up and over the reception desk, then over a curving bench and onto a wall of rubber dotted with honey-colored Chroma Resin. Displays are set in 36 movable pods, each with a drop-in panel of stone and presented in walnut on the original industrial wood floors under exposed oval duct work. The sales area is separated by semi-opaque resin dividers and, rather than line the perimeter with displays, there are 21 large windows that focus the showroom inward. The final touch transforming the lush waterworks from retail to presentation or party is the pre-set lighting system, uniting the space according to the attendees.