CityStore, a souvenir shop in NYC's Municipal Building,

was looking to increase its image and its display area. It has previously been tucked away in an alcove off of the building’s north entrance that was actually part of the airlock for the lobby. The design challenge was to complete the design and construction in five weeks. Ronnette Riley Architect proportioned the new 450sf store around a large, west-facing window in the lobby, using the window as the back area of the cash wrap so as to not lose any opportunity for display. Using only slatwall, formica, vinyl flooring and paint, we mixed the color palette of each to create blocks and areas within the space and on the walls. A thin, floating gypsum board panel hangs over the cash wrap as the only ceiling structure introduced into the space. The benefits of the new location allow the client to display the full line of city merchandise in a brightly-lit, cheerful space. The design ties closely to the brand image and, most importantly, sales immediately increased dramatically.